Rules & Information

School Conveyance

School vehicles are available for taking the children to and from various important points in the city. The queue system is to be strictly observed. The Smaller children should be seated before senior students occupy the seats. Students are expected to be at the respective bus stops five minutes before the scheduled departure time. Younger children will be brought back to the school if there is no one at the stop to collect them.


No student who has less than 75% attendance to his/her credit in a particular academic year shall not be considered for promotion.


 Independence day
 Onam Holidays
 Sree Narayana Guru Jayanthi
 Sree Narayana Guru Samathi
 Gandhi Jayanthi
 Mahanavami
 Vijayadashami
 Deepavali

 Christmas Holidays
 Id-Ul-Fitar
 Republic Day
 Shivarathri
 Id-Ul-Azgha
 Good Friday
 Easter
 Vishu

Eligibility for promotion is based on the cumulative performance in all tests/exams and continuous assessments conducted during the academic year. There will be no retest for any of the term examinations/unit tests. Hence all the students should ensure that they do not miss any of the examinations/tests 

Medical Inspection

An annual inspection of the students is held by a competent physician and his/her report is sent to the parents for follow-up.

Visiting Hours

The school does not encourage parents to meet, teachers directly in the classrooms or in the staff room or waiting them in the school corridors. In case of emergency or any problems parents must get permission from the principal to meet the teachers.

Time to visit Principals : 2pm to 3pm.

Rules of conduct

  • Punctual and regular attendance at school is compulsory.
  • Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of the books and belongings.
  • Any damage done to school property or to that of other students will have to be made good.
  • The school premises should be kept neat and tidy.
  • Gold ornaments should not be worn.

Request to parents

  • Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline.
  • Pupils are required to be in the school premises atleast 5 minutes before the first bell.
  • Parents/ Guardians are requested to look into the school diary of their wards daily. Remarks made in the diary should be seen and counter signed as proof that they have read it.
  • Parents are expected to satisfy themselves that their wards are in proper uniform before coming to school.
  • Students suffering from any contagious or inflectional disease will not be allowed to attend the school.

To Students and Parents

A. Students are advised to be:

  • Self disciplined
  • Well behaved
  • Good mannered
  • Punctual, promot, regular, obedient and courteous

B. An Appeal to parents/ guardian:

  1. It is an established fact that education begins at home. The first teacher of a child is his/her parents. Any effort made by the teachers will bear fruit only if the parents extend their full co-operation in every field of education. Hence maximum active co-operation between the home and school are earnestly solicited. As such parents/guardians are requested
    1. To provide their children proper uniform, text books, note books, pens, pencils etc. in the beginning of the school.
    2. To look into the child's diary and to see that the lessons and home assignments for the next day are done by the children under their supervision.
    3. To see that record of home work and progress report is signed after checking the work.
    4. Summative assessments and formative assessments are compulsory for all students. There will not be any re- examination.
    5. To ensure that the fee is paid in time.
    6. To ensure that their ward brings text books, note books, and other materials to school only according to the time table.
  2. To make the students independent, it is advised that private tuition be discharged. This will, one day give the child self confidence to rely entirely on himself or herself and that will be the happiest occasion.
  3. Please encourage your ward to participate in the co-curricular activities, cultural, literary, artistic , sports and games etc
  4. Please send the application for leave of your ward in time and please do not send children to school when they are ill.
  5. Please go through the instructions thoroughly so that your active co-operation may be had in dealing with problems to the best satisfaction in a dignified way.
  6. Parents should please note that if occasional reports from the teacher or Principal entered in the student's diary from time to time. They are requested to sign them. Failure to do so may put your wards to inconvenience.
  7. The Principal always welcomes you with an open mind. You may come and discuss your views, if any, on institutional planning, on academic improvement, programmes and also problems connected with your wards. The parents/guardians will not visit their ward or their teachers while class is in progress.
  8. Parents should meet the teachers or their wards only through the principal.
  9. Pupils cannot be called on phone during class hours.
  10. Parents should not send anyone else to take their wards during school hours. They should come personally and meet the principal in case of emergencies.
  11. Criticism of a teacher of the school, in the presence of the child should be scrupulously avoided. If you have a legitimate complaint please see the Principal.
  12. To avoid the heavy load of work at the time of examination. You are requested to (I) Prepare a study time table for him/her and see that he /she works at least 3 hrs a day.

General Information

NAJATH PUBLIC SCHOOL, a co-educational school offers a unique spectrum of curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities in a religious and spiritual back ground. The idea is to develop the all round personality of each student enabling him to flower and branch out in his own individualistic way by developing his talents and potentialities. The school is promoted by KALAMASSERY NJALAKAM JAMA-ATH EDUCATIONAL TRUST, a unique charitable organization and is guided and counseled by men prominent in the field of academics.

School Uniform

K.G Boys

Check Shirt, Half Sleeves with Grey Border , Grey Button Strips, Check Pocket and Grey Collar Grey Shorts. 

K.G Girls

Check Frock with Grey Border in the Sleeves and Grey Collar .


Boys I to IV

Check Shirts, Half Sleeves , Check Pocket and Grey Collar, Grey Shorts. 

Girls to I to IV

Check Shirt with Grey Collar, Half Sleeves,Skirt-Grey Box Fleet Half Skirt below knee. 

Boys V to X

Check Shirt, Half Sleeves with Grey Boarder, Grey Button Stripe, Check Pocket And Grey Collar, Grey Pant. 

Girls V to X

Check Churidhar Grey Coat with Check Button Strips, Full Sleeve with Grey boarder without slit, loose Grey bottom. 

Boys X to XII

Check Shirt with Grey Pant .


Girls X to XII

Full Sleeve Check churidar with Grey Coat, Non Slit, Grey Loose Bottom. 

Mufta/Hijab Muslim girls of class III - VI should wear the prescribed grey mufti only with check uniform and white mufti with white uniform. Muslim girls of class VII-XII should wear the prescribed grey hijab only with check uniform and white hijab with white uniform in the specified pattern only.

Note: All types of fancy pins should be compulsorily avoided


  • Literary and debating club
  • Science Clubs
  • Nature Club
  • Maths Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Craft Club
  • Social Service Club
  • Religious Club

House System

In order to foster a healthy competitive spirit and create a sense of belonging, students are divided into four houses. Each house has two student and two teacher representatives. Inter-House competitions are conducted. Merit certificates are awarded to the winners and house points are determined on points awarded for cultural and sports competitions.


Inorder to bring out the talents and skills of students through a spirit of competition, the school is divided into four houses- red, blue, green & yellow- with the in-charge of teachers. Every teacher and student of the school is a member in any of these houses. The overall champions of the year will be decided at the end of the year on the annual day. So a healthy competition between houses starts with assembly itself. All the houses are competing to bring out varieties in programmes inorder to gain the points. Teachers urge students to join in activities for sports as well as cultural programmes. All the activities in Najath are so important as; it all add some points to the houses.


Other than the houses, students are the members of different clubs like- eco club, science club, literary club, maths club. The world Environment day "June 5th" is being celebrated every year in Najath with great pomp and show. During this day awareness classes, skit, planting tree, processions supporting environment, distributing saplings to every child in the campus are all the main activities by the eco-club.

Science Club

The science club of the school is so active that every year they are organizing a programmeEYE-Explore Your Enthusiasm-to bring out the innovative talents and skills in the students. They conduct it with many interschool programmes for which different schools participating the UN motto of celebrating each year as International year of Science. Usually there will be Quiz programmes, Debates, Power Pint Presentation, Project submission, Poster designing, elocution etc. The main attraction of the event is the exhibition related to the subject. And many industrial firms are also taking keen interest and coming forward with their exhibits during this day. Maths club of the school is taking initiative to bring out the mathematically interested students by conducting different Quiz competitions Maths Olympiad etc. They are also eagerly sending students to take part in different interschool programmes.

Literary Club

Literary club in the school is the most active club as its members are the members from all other clubs. Each department ie., English, Malayalam, Hindi & Arabic takes their active part in the functioning of the club. The month of September starts with the celebration of Hindi day with many activities by the students while November 1st was celebrated as �Malayala Bashacharanam� for one week with different activities including Kaviyarangu, Kerala Nadanam, a fruit-vegetable exhibition. The Arabic department conducted many awareness classes for students including religious quiz, Ramzan class and a Hajj class which bring out a sound response. Whereas English department stands for bringing out the inherent talents and skills through spell-bees, Just a minute etc. Student Police Cadet is another prestigious event in Najath. The active students from 8th Std onwards are the part of it, who will be trained by police instructors. Many awareness classes and scout classes are organized under the cadets. They are always put forth to take initiatives for many social activities like cleaning the environment and locality on October 2nd , Gandhi Jayanti.


The school is also divided into sections like K.G, U.P, High School and Higher Secondary where section wise cultural fest is being organized every year, to bring out the talents, spirits and co-operation among students.

Najath is the place where the hidden talents of students are aiming out. It is the place full of activities where students are formed and shaped to be a complete human.